Nike and The Bryant Estate Has Reached An Agreement to Continue It’s Partnership

Since his retirement, Kobe sneakers have gone up in high demand. Several NBA players spoke about the limited availability. The drought has completely shaken up the sneaker world. During the 202 NBA Bubble, nearly 70% of athletes wore Kobe sneakers, per Aaron Dodson. A handful of athletes such as DeMar DeRozan, P.J. Tucker, Isaiah Thomas, and Devin Booker are sporting Kobe sneakers. Player-exclusive colourways have circulated NBA locker rooms, leaving sneakerheads in a frenzy. In more recent years, the sneaker culture has monopolized popular Kobe-branded sneakers. This continued partnership between Nike-Bryant Estate, NBA athletes and global fans await to return of Kobe sneakers and the end of a drought.

Written by: Hussein Abdullahi

Published by: TGQ INC.

Originally published at on March 28, 2022.

Writer + Creative Entrepreneur based in Toronto.

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Hussein Abdullahi

Hussein Abdullahi

Writer + Creative Entrepreneur based in Toronto.

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